It’s National Physical Fitness & Sports Month- Get Active!

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, a great time to get active! During the month of May, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition challenges all adults to get at least 30 minutes of physical… Read More

A Resolution

It’s been one month since you declared it, and probably millions of others like you. It’s more probable that you didn’t make it this far, also like millions of others. Yes, I’m referring to our New Year resolutions…. Read More

The Checklist

David Allen in his Productive Living newsletter describes the three problems most people have with making lists: They’re hard work; They’re scary; and/or They’re disappointing. Allen goes on to explain that lists are hard because we usually leave… Read More

Priorities: What, Who, and When?

I like to start one of my classes by introducing my students to The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth. Since I teach adults, I do not read them the story, but I do present them with its… Read More

Less Is More

A lil’ dab ‘il do ya (translation: A little dab will do you / interpretation: All you need is a little bit). I remember hearing that a lot as a child.  It seemed the most appropriate phrase to… Read More

Working As A Team


Are you a task specialist or a team maintenance specialist? Everybody on a team has roles, or expectations for the contributions they will provide to the team. Is your contribution to make sure that the work gets done—on… Read More

Work/Life Balance

There is so much going on. Projects at work piling up, laundry at home overflowing, dishes need to be washed, food needs to be cooked, e-mails need answering, the phones are ringing (cell, home, and office). Then there… Read More