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Leadership & Legacy in Fatherhood

Footprints in Sand

Footprints in SandMy brothers, it’s about leadership and legacy! Yes, we (fathers) know that mothers are naturally gifted with the greatest share of influence  over our children. Yet enough research suggests that the existence of a father in the home (or life of a child) counteracts many negative external forces in a child’s development…and enhances the positive. So why are so many of us absent – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

My brothers, it’s about leadership and legacy! Are we not committed to this cause? Admittedly, a lot of times the selfishness in us do so only if we see direct gain from it. But we’ll assume the positive here. So, if we are genuinely committed, how do we ensure our contributions are positive (read as intentional, consistent, relevant)? By action! From my perspective, the keys to success that must be revisited with frequency are: communication, quality time, role modeling, personal development – and we must be ready to lead our families in all of them.

For all the successful ventures that we claim it is our “obligation” to ensure (and there are many), the success of our families cannot be subject to the shifting demands of the day – it must remain priority #1. It is this type of success that creates legacy in the positive sense; it is the same that neglect can turn in reverse. Which legacy will you leave?

If success is our goal, it will not be accomplished by mere existence; it cannot be accomplished by sheer will. Fatherhood must be approached with the same vigilance used in our pursuit of career, competitive hobby, or personal development . It demands leadership, vision, and commitment. As such, time must be devoted to it; it must be researched and strategized; and it must be subjected to consistent practice.

We read instruction manuals for our new gadgets. We scour the internet to make informed retail purchases.  We consume volumes of quips and quotes seeking inspiration, and images in pursuit of fitness goals. But can you recall the last thing you voluntarily read about fatherhood/parenting? When was the last time you considered a new method for communicating a life lesson to your child? Or better yet, when was the last time you actually tried a new method?

As we grow older the years seem to pass quicker. Our absence, in any form, will not slow the growth of our children/the building of our legacy, only alter it. So, if we’ve committed to leadership – to fatherhood, let’s make sure our “tool box” is always full…and let’s not be afraid to use it. I’ve got a legacy to leave, don’t you?

“A lion rises in the morning knowing it must be faster than the slowest gazelle in order to eat that day.  A gazelle rises in the morning knowing it must be faster than the slowest lion to survive that day.   Whether you are a lion or a gazelle…get running!” – Author Unknown

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