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Working As A Team


TeamworkAre you a task specialist or a team maintenance specialist? Everybody on a team has roles, or expectations for the contributions they will provide to the team. Is your contribution to make sure that the work gets done—on time, high quality, under budget? Or are you the person who makes sure that people are getting along, that everyone’s needs are met, and that teammates have such a good time that they would want to work together again? Teams need both kinds of roles to be fulfilled.

It is often easy to see these roles played out in organizations, especially in the work place. But what about your personal relationships? Are you the person who smooths things over, or are you the person who makes sure everyone arrives at the movies on time (because who wants to miss the opening credits while you’re still in line for popcorn, right)? So that last comment was a bit of a joke, but you get my point.

In work and at home, look for the balance in these two roles so that tasks and relationships are both fulfilling and fulfilled.

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