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Save You Money…

Some of you will already know this. If you do, you can be affirmed for the decisions you have made. If you do not, you might be excited to learn that you can save quite a bit of money by following my previous recommendation about television. In the event that you did not read that post, it basically explained how one book made a convincing argument for reducing television watching for young children. You can also save money by reducing television watching in your home in multiple ways:

1.      You can cancel cable. PBS has free programming for children and the Los Angeles area has over 70 free channels available via an antennae.

2.      If the television is on less, your electricity bill should be smaller.

3.      If you are bold enough not to own a television at all, you can save even more money; and a great deal of time for all those other things you’ve been trying to accomplish.

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