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Learning In The Museum

Museums are great places for family outings. They are a source for both fun and education, often having activities and exhibits for all ages.  Museums are an excellent way to both acquire new knowledge and bring your child’s textbooks to life.  Exhibits provide opportunities for observation, creative expression, critical thinking, and problem solving.  The experiences children have at museums reinforce and enhance things learned in school, which can result in greater comprehension of material and an improvement in academic work.

Visiting a museums’ website can be helpful in planning your trip.  In addition to the basics (e.g. hours of operation, costs, directions) museum websites often contain much of the following useful information:

  • List of current exhibits  and hands-on workshop opportunities
  • Downloadable smartphone apps and/or worksheets to complement exhibits
  • List of off-peak times (if you want to avoid a crowd)
  • Coupons and free entrance opportunities

Consider a museum as the destination for your next family outing.  There are so many museums to choose from.  Select your museum based on the interests of your family: History, Science, Art, Maritime, and Ethnic are just some of the many choices!

Interested in some local affordable options?  Museums On Us, is a program sponsored by Bank of America, that gives cardholders FREE admission to over 150 museums nationwide on the first full weekend of the month.

These are the upcoming participating 2011 weekends.  For more information or to locate participating museums near you, GO HERE.

May 7th and 8th
June 4th and 5th
July 2nd and 3rd
August 6th and 7th
September 3rd and 4th
October 1st and 2nd
November 5th and 6th
December 3rd and 4th

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