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Family Garden

I was searching online for ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and came across a company that has some wonderful products for children and families. Potting Shed Creations, LTD has gardening products for children. Several of their products share names with children’s books. A garden and a book would make a lovely and unique gift for your favorite child. If your budget allows, you can always add gardening tools or a DVD as well. There are several educational benefits to this kind of gift:

1.       This gift will require that an adult and a child work together. Children enjoy moments of one-on-one attention and they often learn volumes from simple interactions with adults.

2.       Children improve their vocabularies by talking with adults about real world experiences. Assuming a conversation takes place during the planting of the garden or the reading of the book, a child will be better able to express him or herself as a result of gardening with a trusted adult.

3.       Gardening provides important foundational concepts for the life sciences.

4.       Reading with a child before or after a hands-on experience helps them to learn the language associated with the experience and provides a framework for discussing related topics in the future.

5.       A gardening experience like the one proposed, can connect easily to other kinds of learning. You might choose to count leaves, fruit, or flowers. With older children, you can measure or experiment. You might discuss environmental issues or historical events involving the plant and/or story you select.

The possibilities are really endless. Here are the names of the products and the titles of the books you might pair with them. You should note that there are multiple versions of these classic stories, so choose the one that you like best. You can also garden without purchasing this kind of product, but if you live in a condominium, like I do, you may be looking for ways to garden on a balcony or patio. Happy gardening!

Potting Shed Creations Product Book or Story Title Some Authors
Jack’s Magic Beans Jack and the Bean Stalk Ottolenghi, Kellogg, and Kurtz
The Princess’ Pea The Princess and the Pea Child, Zeifert, and Isadora
Cinderella’s Magic Pumpkin Cinderella Brown, Louie, and Grimm
Secret Garden The Secret Garden Burnett, Marks, and Davidson
Stone Soup Stone Soup Compestine, Muth, or Stockham


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