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‘Tis the season to celebrate milestones and memories. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Memorial Day, graduations, birthdays—the list goes on. I am reminded when I hear students say that they do not want to attend their own graduation how important it is to mark these occasions in our lives. Unless you are a performer, not many times in your day-to-day life do people call your name publicly and cheer your accomplishments. When we think of the love and support we receive all year long, it is apropos to set aside time to show our appreciation and gratitude. When we remember the sacrifice of others and their acts of selfless heroics, it is appropriate to pause to remember their benevolence. And when we complete an achievement, even if it is simply surviving another year, it is fitting that we should celebrate.

Sometimes life feels like one challenge after another. After we’ve met the challenge and overcome it, and sometimes while we’re in the middle of facing it, there is value in drawing our attention to the things that bring hope and give life meaning. Focusing on the joys in life can give us the strength we need to keep pressing forward. Let’s all celebrate!

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