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Prima Donna?

There is an epidemic sweeping the nation. You may have heard it on the news or seen it in the latest blog post. Celebrities, especially, are exemplifying this phenomenon recently. It is an outbreak of prima donna syndrome (Krotz, 2004).

What is this, you may ask? It occurs when highly talented people think that they are so special that the normal rules of conduct don’t apply to them. They feel that they can lie, cheat, steal and just generally be unpleasant to be around simply because they are good at what they do. The problem is that people want to work with those who are both good at what they do and nice. The combination of competence and character is the “holy grail” for good employees. Nobody wants to spend 8-10 hours a day with a jerk, no matter how good he/she is at the job. But if you’re the sweetest person in the world and still can’t get the job done, that won’t work either.

Let’s all strive to be good inside (in our moral fiber) and out (in our performance).

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