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Ending The School Year

The end of the school year is quickly coming to an end. This is an exciting time for students, and teachers! Many students may feel overwhelmed with the final exams and projects coming up. What can you do as a parent to support your student and get them through the school year? Consider discussing the following topics with your students:

1.   Missing Assignments: Make sure your student turns in all assignments. Many teachers do not accept late work. Remember, a zero grade can make a big difference. Some teachers that accept late work may only give 50% credit. At some schools, you can check your student’s grades online to make sure they have no missing assignments. If you find an assignment is missing, talk with your student and get them to turn it in. Some credit is better than no credit.

2.   Projects: Many teachers give final projects in addition to a final exam. This is not only a meaningful opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge students have acquired through the school year, but also a great opportunity to improve their grade. How can you help? Make sure your student understands the project. Teachers often give a project rubric or some kind of written instructions. Review the instructions with your student. Ask him/her if they have any questions. If they have questions, encourage them to speak with the teacher, and you may also want to call or email the instructor yourself. If the project is a group project, make sure your student and everyone else understands their personal responsibility. You may encourage them to create a calendar and task list so that everyone can easily keep track of the project progress, and important dates. If they run into any problems with the members in the group, remember that the teacher can always help.

3.   Final Exam Review: It is not too early to start reviewing for final exams. Did you know that many teachers give a study guide for the final exam? They may hand it out to students in class or even post it on their web page. Encourage your student to ask for the study guide in advance if they don’t already have it. Once your student has the study guide, have them identifying challenging concepts. They still have time to seek help. They can also form study groups and complete chapter outlines. It is always good to get ahead instead of waiting until the last minute.

As the end of the school year approaches, helping your student prepare can make the difference between a good academic year and a great one.

If you believe your student has difficulty learning or testing, do not let it go unchecked; communicate with your teachers early. You might also consider seeking out professionals, like those at Learning Dynamics, Inc., who specialize in helping you make those determinations, and appropriate solutions.

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