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Sample Request Letter: Evaluation for Special Education Services

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School Principal
Name of School
City, State, Zip

Re: Educational Evaluation Request for Child’s Name, age (DOB), grade


Dear (Mr., Mrs., or Dr.) Last Name:

Please accept this letter as our formal request for an evaluation of our son/daughter, CHILD’s NAME, for his/her eligibility for special education services (IDEA) and/or Section 504 accommodations.
We are requesting this evaluation because…BRIEFLY include 2-3 sentences that summarizing your concerns that are leading you to request this assistance for your child. Examples include:

  • Jason has trouble focusing and following directions in class. This impacts his ability to learn information being presented and the quality of his work. As a result, he is failing all of his classes.
  • Maya has difficult y summarizing and answering questions regarding material she has read. She spends more than double the amount of time studying than would be expected for the amount of work she has to complete, and still struggles to maintain her grades and comprehend and recall information she has learned.

Please complete a comprehensive special education assessment including, but not limited to cognitive, academic, social and emotional, speech and language, occupational, and/or any additional tests the district deems appropriate to examine our son/daughter.

We would like to meet with the examiners prior to our child’s testing in order to provide information on our child that may be helpful in the assessment process. As I understand my rights under IDEA, you have 60 days to complete this evaluation and provide me with your decision regarding my child’s eligibility. I further understand that this evaluation will be provided to me at no charge.

It is imperative that we move forward quickly, as our son/daughter is currently experiencing difficulties in school. Therefore, this letter is intended to serve as our written permission for the educational assessments we are requesting to be completed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you need any additional information from us, please let us know.


Mike and Carol Brady

cc: NAME, Director of Special Education, Name of school district (Do not just put this, remember to send them a copy)

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