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Sample Request Letter: Evaluation for Special Education

When a parent suspects their child may be in need of special education services at school they may request an assessment to determine their child’s eligibility for these services.  We recommend requesting an assessment in writing, and addressing this letter to your school’s principal and cc:ing your district’s Director of Special Education Services.  It is important to obtain proof of delivery, as the process is time-sensitive.  When hand-delivering your request letter to your child’s school, be sure to have someone sign and date-stamp your delivery.  Send postal-delivered letters (e.g. copy to the district) via registered mail, return-receipt requested.

Your letter should clearly state your request for a comprehensive assessment and your authorization for the examination to be completed.  Include a brief summary of your concerns about the difficulty your child is experiencing.  You may also choose to acknowledge your understanding of some of the details of the evaluation process (e.g. timeline, no charge for evaluation).

We have developed a SAMPLE REQUEST LETTER: Evaluation for Special Education, which may serve as a helpful guide.

Have you completed an Evaluation for Special Education with your district, and found the results to be incorrect or incomplete?  You may want to consider requesting an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

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