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The IEE? Educational Assessment?

What is an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)?  An IEE is an evaluation that is conducted by someone that is “independent” (not affiliated) with the school or school district.

An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) can be requested in the event that you believe the results of the Educational Assessment for Special Education Services you requested were not appropriate (e.g. incorrect or incomplete). the iee

For example, you may believe that the results were incorrect, because accommodations were needed during testing that were not provided (e.g. testing in native language) or because the incorrect tests were used assess to your child (e.g. tests were not current, examiner not qualified). You may believe the results were incomplete because it did not fully assess the areas of concern. For example, there was not enough assessment of math or reading to accurately see the difficulties your child is experiencing or types of testing needed were completely omitted (e.g. neuropsychological, speech and language).

An Independent Educational Evaluation can be requested “at public expense,” meaning FREE to you, just as the Educational Assessment for Special Education Services was.

You submitted your request, now what?

Need help wording your request? Here is a sample request letter:

First Name Last Name
Director of Special Education

Name of School District
City, State, Zip

Re: Independent Educational Evaluation Request for Child’s Name, age (DOB), grade


Dear (Mr., Mrs., or Dr.) Last Name:

Please accept this letter as our formal request for an Independent Educational  Evaluation (IEE) at public expense of our son/daughter, CHILD’s NAME, for his/her eligibility for special education services (IDEA) and/or Section 504 accommodations.

 We received the results of the educational evaluation conducted by the school district personnel, dated [enter date], and disagree with the findings.  After reviewing the report, we have concluded that the evaluation was inadequate, inappropriate, and does not present an accurate picture of our child’s abilities and functioning in the educational environment. 

BRIEFLY include 2-3 sentences that summarizing your concerns that are leading you to request this assistance for your child. Examples include:

  • The district’s examination did not include a comprehensive evaluation of reading abilities including spelling, reading comprehension, phonemic awareness, etc.
  • The reason for referral for testing included attention and behavioral issues and these areas were not comprehensively examined.
  • The testing our child needs requires psychological/neuropsychological testing and the results did not include this testing, as the district’s evaluator was not qualified. 

We are requesting that an IEE at public expense be completed without delay, as it is important that our child be given the support needed to access the educational environment.  Furthermore, it is our understanding of state and federal education law that this evaluation can be provided at no charge to our family.


Mike and Carol Brady

cc: NAME, School Principal, Name of School (Do not just put this, remember to send them a copy)



2 Comments on “The IEE? Educational Assessment?

  1. Would you suggest NOT signing (or disagreeing with) the IEP if you plan to submit such a letter?

  2. Hi Erin. From my understanding different states have different policies. Generally speaking, if you choose to sign your IEP, I suggest you clearly write the intent of your signature. For example, “my signature acknowledges my participation in this IEP meeting. It does not indicate agreement, as I do not agree with the information outlined.” Alternatively, if there are changes the group has agreed upon or information that is incorrect that the group has agreed to fix, you may consider asking for an amended copy before you sign. We always recommend people consult with an educational advocate or attorney, as this is there area of expertise.

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