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The IEE? Educational Assessment? Part 2 of 2

Your Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) has been requested by following the steps we previously outlined, so what happens next?

The school district has two options:

  1.  They can GRANT your request.  Congratulations!  You may now select who completes your evaluation. Note, that IMG_1216YOU are able to select who completes your child’s evaluation.  Your district may provide you with a list of names.  This can be a helpful guide, if you are uncertain of what direction to proceed.  However, this is not an exhaustive list.  YOU are able to select who conducts the IEE, hence the term “independent.”  For those of you living in, or willing to travel to the Woodland Hills, CA area, we ask that you consider our agency. You can GO HERE to learn more about our comprehensive testing services.
  2. They can DENY your request.  Note, if a request is denied, the school district must schedule a Special Education Hearing (proceed to due process) to defend their decision.  Should this happen, we recommend speaking with a special education attorney.  For those of you living or willing to travel to our area, 4 Kids 1st is a nonprofit that offers educational advocacy services. The hearing officer will then make one of two decisions.  Should you find yourself in the position of the school district denying your request AND failing to file for a due process hearing, we suggest bringing your awareness of the violation to the district’s attention in writing, and requesting that they reconsider your IEE request.  At the bottom of this post is a sample letter we put together, should you find yourself in this position.
    • They can GRANT your request for the district to pay for your Independent Educational Evaluation.
    • They can DENY your request.  If denied, you are still able to get an IEE that the district will need to consider, however, it will be at your expense.  Pricing information for our services can be found HERE.

Should you experience difficulty at any point along the way, or feel like you need additional support from someone more educated on this process, we suggest contacting an educational advocate or an attorney that specializes in Education/Special Needs at any time.  4 Kids 1st is a local agency in our area that offers these services.

SAMPLE LETTER RESPONSE, Should district deny request….

First Name Last Name
Director of Special Education
Name of School District
City, State, Zip

Re: District’s Response to Independent Educational Evaluation Request for Child’s Name, age (DOB), grade


Dear (Mr., Mrs., or Dr.) Last Name:

We received your denial letter, dated [ENTER DATE], to our formal request for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) at public expense of our son/daughter, CHILD’s NAME, dated [ENTER DATE].

Per state and federal law, it is our understanding that your denial is only permissible, provided you file for a due process hearing to demonstrate the appropriateness of your evaluation. 

Your failure to pay for an IEE and neglect to file for due process has deprived [child’s name] of a free appropriate public education (FAPE), because we have been unable to meaningfully participate in educational decisions without having access to an appropriate and comprehensive IEE.

We are requesting that you reconsider your denial and agree to fund an IEE at public expense, as we would like to avoid taking legal action.


Mike and Carol Brady

cc: NAME, School Principal, Name of School (Do not just put this, remember to send them a copy)

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