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Using Mental Health Insurance: Where to Start & What to Ask

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Many of us do the best we can to ensure that our families have and maintain insurance to utilize when needed. As a member of an insurance plan, when I call a potential provider to ask “Do you take my insurance?” and receive the response “Yes.” I smile bright. Part of my excitement is due to an assumption that the use of insurance will be financially advantageous to me. Unfortunately, I have had times when this excitement has turned to frustration; when a bill comes in the mail and it is much higher than expected.

Whether I am calling my insurance company or potential providers, I am thankful people take the time to answer my questions. Sometimes this requires me to have questions about an area I know little about. It would be wonderful to encounter people that guide me in knowing what questions to ask.

Learning Dynamics recently made the decision to begin our efforts to join insurance panels as an in-network group provider.  Many of us at Learning Dynamics seek first to use our insurance coverage when we are in need of a qualifying service. Therefore, we feel called to provide the opportunity to others.

Through this process I have gained a new understanding of the vast number of insurance companies, plan types, and benefit options that make insurance coverage possibilities endless. As an aside, this has caused me to be much less irritated and more understanding of providers that tell me they do not accept my insurance.

Nonetheless, while I would love to be able to tell potential clients exactly what services at our agency will cost if they use their insurance, the uniqueness of each individual’s coverage does not make this possible. Contacting your insurance company directly, and speaking with one of their representatives is the best way to ensure that you clearly understand your coverage.

In an attempt to empower others and provide help that I would appreciate, I have taken what I have learned through the process of paneling as a provider and developed a guide that will hopefully be able to help others like me – people who are more than willing to put time and effort into understanding their coverage; but need some guidance on where to start and what to ask.

CLICK HERE for Questions To Better Understand Your Mental Health Insurance Coverage

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