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5 Ideas for Earth Day- April 22nd


Earth day is tomorrow! Here are 5 simple and fun Earth Day activities to spend the day enjoying and supporting our wonderful planet:

  • Spend some time in your garden- planting a tree or small garden is a great way to spend Earth Day. Trees are not only beautiful, but also beneficial to the environment! Vegetable and/or flower gardens can be simple to create and also provide healthy foods and beautiful flowers.
  • Make an earth friendly meal- shop your local farmers market and try out a new recipe utilizing only ingredients found from local sources.
  • Litter clean-up- individuals, groups, and families can band together to clean-up their neighborhood, a park, and communities by picking up litter.
  • Attend a green event- there are many events throughout communities. Here are two events happening this weekend, one in Kern county and the other is Los Angeles county:
    • Greater Bakersfield Green Expo-showcases recycling and renewable energy businesses and services throughout Kern County, and also includes a recycled art competition for high school students
    • Calabasas Earth Day Celebration/Green Expo- includes fifty exhibitors from all over Los Angeles County and Ventura County and also will have numerous children’s activities to teach kids about the environment while they have fun

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