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Give Big Kern- Only 7 Days Left!

Give Big Kern is in 1 WEEK! Please join us and the giving spirit of the Kern County community as we join together to raise money. Give Big Kern is a one day event (but you can give all month long!) in which nonprofit agencies collaborate in a 24-hour crowd-funding campaign.

Curious as to what your donations* will provide at our agency? Here is a snapshot of the difference you can make with a quick and easy contribution:
• Only $10 can provide a weekend outing for a child with Autism in our Butterfly Bootcamp program
• Just $30 can provide a MONTH supply of clinical materials for a College Connections student (that’s only $1/day!)
• Only $75 can provide a full counseling session for a child/adult that is un- or under-insured
• Just $100 can provide a MONTH of parent training sessions for two caregivers

Please join us in our efforts to make psychological and educational services affordable and available to all! Make your donation here:

*ALL donations go directly to provision of programs and services

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