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Expressing Emotions Activity for Young Children

Recently, it seems like there has been an increase in the number of parents that I have spoken to that have young children experiencing sadness, worry, and/or anger. While the details of each family’s story are different, many of these parents were unsure of how to talk about their child’s emotions with them.

There are many ways to talk with a child about their emotions. I have found the more engaging the and fun the process can be, the better. Just like adults, children do not always stop to think about what they are feeling. They may know they do not like what they are feeling, but not know exactly how to communicate their experience beyond that.

Below are two worksheets, one is more geared towards anger, and the other sadness or worry. These worksheets create an opportunity for children to think about what it feels like in their body when they are experiencing sadness, anger, and/or worry. This information can be helpful to both the child and their caregivers. Caregivers may also choose to share their experiences with these emotions with their child. This can help the child to see an example of how to talk about their feelings. It can also help them to feel less alone; seeing that they are not the only person that feels this way.

For young children that do not yet write, they can draw pictures in response to the prompts read or a parent can write in the responses the child tells them. Children that enjoy coloring, tend to be even more conversational when they color as they respond; or get to color when they are done. For children that do not like to color, make sure they know up front they do not have to color the picture.

What…Feels Like to Me (anger)

What…Feels Like to Me (worry/sad)

Like the clip art used in these worksheets? They are from Rossy’s Jungle

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