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Give Big Kern Success!

On behalf of Learning Dynamics, Inc. we would like to send our sincerest thanks to all those who graced us with their generosity and giving spirit yesterday, during Give Big Kern. This was our first year participating in this 24-hour crowdfunding campaign involving Bakersfield non-profits. LDInc set a goal of raising $2,500 in donations, and we were able to surpass that with donations totaling $2,920! In addition, thanks to so many giving persons, LDInc placed in the top 10 (out of 90) organizations in the “Leaderboards,” in terms of highest numbers of donors!!!

For those who follow us on social media, you saw the plethora of posts and updates throughout the day and were hopefully inspired to donate and were also entertained. For those who are not yet following us, be sure to check out our social media pages for the full display of motivating, amusing, and creative posts. For those curious as to what the day entailed for the LDInc team, here are some highlights of the giving day:

– LDInc staff was up before the sun (5am!) at the downtown Bakersfield Liberty Bell, collaborating with other non-profits and community leaders, ringing in Give Big Kern day

-Throughout the day, LDInc staff worked diligently reaching out to potential donors, creating and posting social media content with updates, encouragement, and gratitude

-LDInc staff refueled at of some of our local favorite spots including Corner Bakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and Flaming Skewers

-As the clock was winding down with less than 3 hours to go, a giving gladiator contacted LDInc and provided a $50 giving challenge. This provided a little extra motivation to push us to midnight and LDInc staff rose to the task by finding more than 4 new donors who donated at least $50 and nailed the giving challenge!

-At 11:59am, though fatigued from the long day, the team was celebrating and feeling so grateful for the amount of support and contributions that were humbly bestowed on LDInc. Our supporters are awesome!

As you can see, our first participation in Give Big Kern was a complete success! BUT, it would not have been possible without others. A most sincerest THANK YOU to everyone for their continued encouragement and support- whether it be through donations, motivation, and/or social media engagement. LDInc would not be possible without the generosity of our donors, kindness of our supporters, and business from our consumers. We will be putting the donations to great use- continuing to provide premier psychological and educational services to the under-served and in need!

With Blessings and Gratitude,

The LDInc Team

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