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Mother’s Day-Thank You

When I googled mother, the first definition that came up was “bring up (a child) with care and affection.” No mention of giving birth or gender, but rather reminding us the word “mother” embodies action. Mothers care, protect, unconditionally love and sacrifice. Mother’s give guidance, wisdom, and nurture.

We know many women identify themselves as childless. Some may have chosen not to have children for medical, family, career, or other reasons. Some may have wanted to have children but did not, despite their efforts, for many of the same reasons. For those that have longed to have children fill their homes, please know our wishes today are not intended to minimize your pain in any way.

We understand that for some, today may not be a “Happy” Mother’s Day. You may have lost a child or parent (physically or emotionally), and may be feeling sadness or grief. We walk beside you, with prayers for strength; hoping you can cherish your memories until you find joy again.

To all of you who are raising “your own” children or helping to raise everyone else’s….THANK YOU! For giving birth does not make someone a mother, but every child deserves to have one – and some children are blessed beyond measures to have more than one mother.

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