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Apple Camp=Free Summer Fun

Looking for a summer activity for creative kids that enjoy technology? Apple Camp is a free 3-day program offered at Apple retail stores across the country for children ages 8-12. Each session is 90-minutes and gives participants the opportunity to express their creativity using Apple products.  There are three different camps to choose from this summer. Information for each camp, from the Apple Camp website, is below.

Creating Characters and Composing Music: Stories through drawings and sounds. Campers will start their session by sketching characters and scenes with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, then they’ll explore the basics for composing a track using GarageBand. They’ll bring their story to life by adding vocals and finishing touches.

Stories in Motion with iMovie: Ideas into real movies. Campers will learn how to brainstorm and storyboard. Then they’ll get hands-on with movie-making techniques like learning camera angles and editing with iMovie. On the final day, they’ll present their masterpieces.

Coding Games and Programming Robots: Programming through interactive play.
Kids will learn visual-based coding by solving puzzles with Tynker. Then they’ll learn how to program Sphero robots, and even create fun stories starring Sphero as the main character.

You do not have to own the products that are used for the camps. Apple provides the equipment for use during the sessions. Participants will also receive a free shirt (size selected during registration).

If you want to add this event to your family’s summer activity list, I suggest doing it quickly. Registration opened today, and I can see an offer like this filling up quickly. Visit the Apple Camp website for more information and to register. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parents remain on-site during the camp sessions, so keep this in mind when selecting your dates/times.

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