Peter Berwick, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor, Board Report

Dr. Berwick earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Arizona State University and his bachelor of science in psychology from the University of Oregon. Dr. Berwick has over 40 years of experience as a mental health professional. He has served as a clinician, clinical supervisor, researcher, faculty member at the University of Arizona Medical School, and has multiple publications. Dr. Berwick has extensive experince in the treatment of anxiety disorders including phobias, obsessive-complusive disorder, and panic disorders. He is skilled in the use of hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy for the treament of chronic pain and stress management. His communication, skill building, and sex therapy techniques have assisted many indiviudals and couples in strengthening thier intimate relationships. Over his tenure as a clinical psychologist he has served in hosptial, university, private practice, and community mental health settings.


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