Individual Counseling

Coming to speak to someone confidentially and in private, can be a powerful and healing experience. Therapy can also alleviate both pain and suffering and add meaning and richness to life. Many people struggle to understand what therapy is truly like, until they begin the process.

What is individual therapy exactly?
Individual therapy is when you meet one on one with a mental health professional or therapist. A therapist is specifically trained to help people overcome a range of difficulties including; depression, anxiety, relationship issues, managing emotions like anger, trauma, and a range of other life stressors.

What is the first appointment like?
During the first meeting with the therapist, you have an opportunity to share the difficulties that you want help with and develop goals. At Learning Dynamics, during the initial session we focus on understanding the issues or concerns that are overwhelming you, so that you feel comfortable with your therapist and can work collaboratively.

How long are the sessions?
The initial session, lasts approximately 90 minutes. During this session we gather your background  history to gain a better understanding of you as a whole person, the timeline of your symptoms or concerns, and  any other items that may be contributing to your current difficulties. The therapy sessions following last 50 minutes.

Is talking really healing?individual therapy
Talking through your difficulties with someone you trust can help you gain perspective to help problem solve, learn new skills, and feel supported. Individuals that participate in our counseling program learn ways to express feelings, recognize patterns in thinking, and gain perspective on life experiences and relationships in order to achieve their goals.

What do therapists actually do?
Therapists use a variety of techniques and methods to customize the counseling experience to each individual and mental health issue, in hopes of helping to increase the participant’s sense of well-being and reduce their sense of discomfort. All therapists seek to increase their client’s mental health and to act as a confidential and careful listener.

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