Cogmed Working Memory Training


Cogmed is a rigorous evidence-based program that helps train and improve working memory capacity. These enhancements lead to better attention and impulse control, which helps improve academic and professional performance. 

Cogmed is a customizeable program that meets a variety of needs and schedules. Sessions range from 25-50 minutes, taking place 3-5 times each week, over the course of 5-12 weeks. Cogmed is a computer (or tablet)-based program, with training taking place in the comfort of your own home. We consistently analyze your results and schedule weekly phone calls to monitor your progress. Weekly in-person office visits are not required in this program.

Cogmed has three age-specific applications; making the program effective for young children in preschool through adults. The Cogmed program adjusts complexity level for each exercise, in real time, for maximized training effect. Tasks automatically increase in difficulty, gradually improving the participant’s abilities.  

While we cannot provide our Cogmed pricing online, our rates are consistent with our other services; averaging 40% less than comparable resources.

Additional details on our Cogmed program structure and benefits:
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Cogmed for Adults

Cogmed’s website has a variety of resources that may be of interest including:
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Published and ongoing research on the effects of Cogmed
Cogmed Fact Sheet

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