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Psychological, Psychoeducational & Neuropsychological Testing

Young girl thinking with glowing brain illustrationThe field of psychological assessment maintains a unique role in helping evaluate and provide recommendations for children and adults with developmental, acquired, and degenerative disorders. This process utilizes a combination of standardized tests, questionnaires, and interviews to draw conclusions about an individual’s ability to perceive, process, and express information. The testing is conducted on an individual basis and the test results assist in identifying a person’s strengths and weaknesses across many domains of functioning. 

Learning Dynamics has multiple staff members with interests and specialty training in psychological, educational, and neuropsychological test administration and interpretation.  As a result, we are able to offer comprehensive assessment services to our clients of all ages; permitting us to examine, identify, and provide recommendations for home, work, and school environments.

The specific measures selected and areas examined during testing are determined by the reason for referral as well as the age and functional level of the individual being assessed.  Areas that may be assessed include intelligence; academic achievement (e.g., reading, writing, mathematics); attention and concentration; language (e.g., expressive and receptive communication); executive functions (e.g. planning, problem solving); visual-spatial and sensory-motor functioning; memory; emotion (depression, anxiety, etc.); and adaptive functioning.

When compared to normative data that is culturally appropriate (e.g. age, gender, education, primary language) these assessments allow for identification of Specific Learning Disorder (e.g. Reading, Writing, Mathematics); Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; Communication Disorders; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Motor Disorders; giftedness; intellectual disability; and other forms of neurological and psychological impairment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Psychological Assessments
At times, people have questions and uncertainty regarding testing and assessment.  We have put together responses to some of the questions that we are frequently asked to assist you in determining if our services are consistent with your needs.  

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