Optional Assessment Services

Assessments offer a “snap shot” of an individual’s experience. Our assessment services and processes are intended to provide our examiners with the clearest “snap shot” possible. Comprehensive information on a person’s experience informs our ability to accurately examine their difficulties and identify resources that will be both effective and realistic in increasing our clients’ wellbeing and decreasing the negative impact their difficulties often have on their school, work, and personal lives.

Girl holding magnifying glassOur traditional assessment process includes this information that was provided on the previous pages:
Questions regarding purpose, types, and uses of our testing?
Questions regarding our evaluation process?
Questions regarding examiners that conduct assessments at Learning Dynamics?

As each person’s difficulties and examination needs vary, you may want to consider asking about adding one or more of these optional services to our traditional assessment process:

Off-Site/Alternative Location Assessment*
Some clients’ situations may require or benefit from us conducting one or more session in-person at an off-site location or virtually**. Common reasons may include caregiver work schedule, currently in a residential treatment program, and/or individual or family’s desire for discretion provided by alternative location to maintain privacy.

Behavioral Observations*
Examiners are available to observe the client in enviornments outside of the office setting. Typically, these observations occur at home, school, and/or work, as appropriate and clinically relevant. First-hand observation of the difficulties in the environment(s) in which difficulties often occur provides the examiner with information that may not have been expressed through the traditional testing measures or clients’ verbal expression. Our examiners use various techniques and/or measures specific to behavior observation, depending on the client’s difficulties and the goal of the assessment.

*Optional Services are not included in our flat-rate fee. Additional charges apply.
**There is no additional fee for virtual services.

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