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College Students

college studentCollege is a time of transition for many young adults that is often filled with many new experiences and challenges. The demands faced by college students are countless, and can result in both exciting as well as stressful experiences. For many students, it may be their first experience living away from home and being on their own. Therefore, adjustment to college life is not always easy.

What kinds of struggles do college students face?

While every person’s situation is unique, some of the most common areas that college students seek our help for include:

  • General, social, and/or performance anxiety
  • Sadness/depression
  • Academic concerns, including doubts about grades and graduationcollege student therapy
  • Time management, keeping work organized, meeting deadlines
  • Getting involved in the campus community
  • Relationship (family, personal, work, school) struggles
  • Adjusting to college environment and/or living away from home
  • Career options, concerns, and/or indecision
  • Strategies for navigating learning disabilities or unique learning styles (see Brain Bootcamp), study strategies, etc.

How do you work with college students?

When we work with a college student, we look at their whole person (mental, physical, emotional) and take note of their unique strengths. We then identify and work on furthering their individual strengths, growth areas, and coping skills. Simultaneously, we work to reduce stress or difficulties that can get in the way of personal, social, and/or academic success during and after college. Depending on each student’s needs, we create a treatment plan to help them in what they need most. This often results in providing help across different areas of life.

For example, a common scenario is a student with or without learning differences who has never lived on their own and is used to a lot of parental support. Coming to college, being on their own and not having the same level of support can be a big adjustment. They may need help with academics (scheduling and completing assignments on time; using technology for reminders; managing learning differences in a college environment); emotional well-being (managing anxiety); social skills (meeting and interacting with new people; managing conflict with a dorm-mate); and daily life skills (doing laundry; keeping a daily routine; managing physical health). Consequently, our staff can support across all these areas of life for a college student.

College athletes are another type of student that we often work with. In addition to the challenges above, these individuals may experience challenges balancing their academic, social, and sports schedules. Other challenges include mental blocks impacting performance, managing stress and maintaining focus during games and practices, navigating conflicts with teammates or coaches, body image, and transitioning to career post collegiate athletics.

What is the cost?

All of our services are on a sliding scale, with college and graduate students receiving our lowest rates, regardless of family income. How often you meet with a professional, and how long the meetings are, is on a case-to-case basis.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to see if we may be of assistance to you.

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