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A Therapeutic Learning and Performance Enhancement Program

brainbootcamp“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be“ Marianne Willamson

Many individuals experience an excess of emotions (e.g. anxiety), have difficulties attending, concentrating, processing verbal or visual information, and/or have psychological diagnoses. These difficulties can negatively impact a person’s relationships, school, and/or work life. Traditional counseling often focuses on reducing internal distress and improving relationships. Learning Dynamics understands that with the exception of sleeping, most of individual’s time is spent at work and/or school. Therefore, our Brain Bootcamp includes a focus on enhancing performance in academic (school) and occupational (work) environments to help people achieve a global sense of wellbeing.

Our Brain Bootcamp program examines an individual’s patterns of learning, processing information, emotional experiences, and behaviors. We develop a customized treatment plan in collaboration with our clients based on their strength and growth areas, in order to enhance their performance both at school/work, and in their personal and professional relationships.

Program Overview

  • Participants of this program are taught learning strategies that utilize their strengths to achieve educational, occupational, and relationship goals.
  • Participants build self-esteem and confidence as they develop their ability to navigate social, academic, learning, and performance environments.
  • Sessions are one-on-one, and for people ranging in age from toddlers through adulthood.
  • This program is open to anyone that wants to develop their information processing skills, learning abilities, and enhance their relationships. It primarily serves individuals with learning disabilities including visual and auditory processing, attention, mental processing speed, and memory skills; and individuals with mental health difficulties (e.g. ADHD, anxiety).

Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to design a customized program to meet your needs. We are here to help and available to answer questions.

As Brain Bootcamp is a program unique to Learning Dynamics, created based on our clinical experiences, we have put together answers to questions you may have about this service. 

guy brainbootcampWhat is Brain Bootcamp? 
Brain Bootcamp is a customized treatment plan that is designed to improve an individual’s sense of wellbeing in all areas of their life, by enhancing their performance both at school/work, and in their personal and professional relationships. 

Why Brain Bootcamp?
People seeking this service are often experiencing distress at school, work, or personal/professional relationships. They often express exerting more effort into accomplishing tasks than other people they observe, with results lower than they expect. Their perceived success does not match the amount of energy they exert. They would like to change the outcome and have their work product accurately reflect the amount of effort they put in. Change often requires us to learn new things. People are built to learn.  We each go about it slightly differently. We work to assess how you (or your child) learn in order to build on strengths, and increase tools/strategies in areas where growth is needed. Our program assists individuals in developing a sense of wellbeing in all areas of their life, by developing foundational skills needed to succeed in learning and retaining information. Our staff is trained in special education, psychology, sociology, and career development theories. This combination provides us with an opportunity to develop a customized treatment plan that incorporates the individual’s mental abilities, academic abilities, learning strengths, learning difficulties and/or disabilities, social environment, and emotional experiences.

What ages does our program serve?brainbootcamp develop
Our program is designed to assist people ranging in age from toddlers through adulthood. Most commonly we work with individuals in elementary, junior high, high school, college, graduate school; young adults; early and mid-career professionals.

How often and long is your program?
Our program is tailored for each individual, and therefore the time varies. Each session is typically 45-60 minutes, with some families choosing to design programs with sessions lasting up to 90 minutes. Most clients have 1-3 sessions each week. How long someone remains in Brain Bootcamp depends on their treatment goals. Treatment goals are established collaboratively with our clients at the onset of treatment.

Are all of your sessions conducted at your office?
No.  Some clients prefer to have us provide sessions at an off-site location. For example, their child’s school. In these cases, students are often excused from a class during the school day to meet with one of our staff members. Our staff is available to travel within 35 miles of our Woodland Hills or Bakersfield locations for an additional fee.

Is Brain Bootcamp the same as counseling or psychotherapy? Or is it the same as tutoring?
Yes and no. Rather than focusing solely on mental/emotional distress or explaining how to complete daily subject-matter schoolwork, we combine education and psychology theories to help people strengthen skills that are foundational to learning across subject-matters. Our focus is to help improve an individual’s ability to succeed educationally, occupationally, socially, emotionally; and enhance their ability to learn and recall new information. Our clinicians understand private and public school environments, college and university environments, business and work environments, academic requirements, developmental theories, learning theories, learning disabilities, emotional distress, behavioral difficulties, and psychological disorders. This information is integrated into developing and implementing a treatment program that meets the unique needs and goals of the individual.

What types of resources and materials does your program use?
We use a variety of evidence-based resources to develop, implement, and monitor a customized plan for each client. The tools used vary across clients, to meet their unique needs. For each client we teach the same skill from multiple modalities in order to honor that information can be learned in a variety of ways. We have a hands on approach to learning that uses multisensory materials and is collaborative with clients and their families. Our staff members are trained and/or certified in special education, psychotherapy, and conducting psychoeducational assessments. This allows us to utilize a wealth of expertise when creating each unique Brain Bootcamp program.

Brain BootcampMy child (or I) has been diagnosed with a specific learning disability (dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.). Is this something that you can assist with?
Yes. We have an integrated approach to enhancing language development that incorporates verbal, nonverbal, and written skill building. Depending on the child’s areas of difficulty, areas targeted may include spelling, vocabulary expansion, phonological awareness, reading (comprehension and fluency), handwriting (grammar and constructing written expression), verbal and/or nonverbal processing, and working memory. For adults in workplace and school environments, programs include strategies to increase the individual’s ability to understand what is expected on assigned projects/assignments, develop effective task lists, organizational strategies, and effective approaches to studying and learning material. 

My child (or I) tends to struggle with anxiety that impacts their ability to perform to their full potential at school (or work). We are not looking for a counselor, but rather want to develop strategies focused on anxiety management at school (or work) and/or anxiety around test taking.  Is this something you can assist with?
Yes. We first examine if sources of the anxiety can be identified, which allows us to better customize our approach. Contributing factors may include personal reasons, social stressors, peer difficulties, self or other-imposed pressures to succeed, learning disabilities, or a sense of needing to be better prepared. Based on the client’s needs, we combine educational and psychological theories to develop a plan to both reduce the anxiety and increase the person’s ability to manage appropriate amounts of anxiety and distress. Strategies may include strengthening working memory and processing speed, developing a pre-test routine, identifying anxiety triggers, developing effective positive coping strategies, teaching relaxation techniques, strengthening study skills, and developing a test-preparation plan that complements your learning style.

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