Couples Counseling

couple therapy

Marital therapy, couple therapy, and couple counseling are all used to describe therapy that involves two partners, when the focus of the therapy is on their relationship.

The focus of couple counseling is on the problems existing in the relationship that keep each partner from feeling satisfied. These problems are the result of individual problems, as well as conflicts in the relationship.

Each relationship has its own culture that is formed by the unique cultural characteristics of each partner. Our goal is to provide couples with tools that will contribute to the optimal functioning of their relationship.

Each partner contributes to the success and difficulties in a relationship. Most relationships experience periods of strain. However, when the negative interactions of a couple increases over time, defensiveness and competitiveness can increase. Oftentimes, dissatisfaction in relationships is caused by experiencing an undesired combination of factors for a long period of time. Common causes of distress in relationships include finances, sexual difficulties, poor communication, feeling misunderstood and/or unappreciated, infidelity (emotional or physical), changes in health of partner or family member, having a child with special needs, and/or different views on how to raise and praise children.

Many times one or both partners are unsure if they want to remain in the relationship. Couple counseling provides an opportunity for partners to identify and express their needs and desires in order to gain clarity on the path they feel is best for their relationship (i.e. stay together, separate).

HopeFor couples wishing to remain together, we provide tools to assist in the strengthening of foundational aspects of the relationship (e.g. trust, honesty, listening, accountability). Additionally, we work collaboratively with the couple to identify growth areas in their relationship, identify common relationship goals, communicate effectively, constructively resolve conflict, and relearn how to work together, as opposed to competing or being defensive. Our approach involves assisting the couple in increasing their positive interactions, while working on decreasing their negative interactions.

For couples choosing to separate, we provide tools to assist in emotional preparation and processing of the separation and parenting plans for couples with children.

For couples needing or wanting to have individual appointments instead of, or in addition to a couple appointment, we have multiple clinicians that can be used to coordinate appointments at the same or different times for each partner, based on your family’s needs. 

Call us if you have questions about your unique situation or to schedule an appointment.

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