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Who conducts testing at Learning Dynamics?
Clients have the option of having their testing completed by doctoral, post-doctoral, or licensed clinical psychologists. We are a training facility for clinical psychology graduate students. If you would like to learn more about our trainees and licensed clinicians, you can review our bios.

What is the difference between post-masters, doctoral, post-doctoral, and licensed psychologists?girl thinking
Our post-masters clinicians have completed a masters degree in clinical psychology and are independently licensed or working towards completing their final hours to independently license. Our doctoral students have completed their masters degrees and are in the process of completing their doctoral degrees in clinical psychology. Our post-doctoral trainees have completed their masters and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology, and are completing the final hours they need to independently license as a psychologist. Our licensed psychologists have completed all of their education and training requirements, and are licensed to independently practice clinical psychology.

All of our testing by unlicensed clinicians and masters-level licensed clinicians is completed under the supervision of licensed psychologists.

How will working with either a post-masters clinician, doctoral or post-doctoral student be different from receiving services from a licensed psychologist?
The primary differences are in the amount of experience conducting testing and the turnaround time for completing the written report. All trainees attend weekly training labs and seminars on clinical interventions and testing instruments. Regardless of how many years of prior testing experience they have prior to training at Learning Dynamics, trainees must demonstrate proficiency in conducting assessments by meeting one-on-one with a member of our staff, prior to administering assessments to community members.

How is the time to complete the assessment process different when working with a post-masters clinician, doctoral or post-doctoral student, as compared to working with a licensed psychologist?
Testing by a licensed psychologist is completed faster than testing by a trainee, as the trainee’s testing must be reviewed by a licensed psychologist before completion. Our training process includes a process with multiple review stages to ensure accuracy and quality for the client’s results and the trainee’s clinical development. Depending on the extensiveness of the testing and the level of clinician completing your testing, you will meet to review test results with your examiner approximately one week (licensed) to one month (trainees) following the last testing session. Regardless of the clinician conducting your testing, a written report, signed by a licensed psychologist is provided. If you have a specific timeline that you are working within, contact us to discuss your options.

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