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What are the different components of an evaluation at Learning Dynamics?
Each of our evaluations include a comprehensive intake session, formal testing session(s), and a detailed feedback appointment. During the intake session you will be asked to provide relevant background information related to the presenting concerns. At the conclusion of the evaluation, a formal feedback session will be scheduled during which all of the results from the assessment will be reviewed and appropriate accommodations will be discussed.  

How long does the assessment process take?psychoeducational testing questions
Our assessment batteries are customized, therefore process times vary. On average, the assessment involves 6-10 hours of testing.  It is typically divided into 3 to 4, 2-3 hour sessions; including intake and feedback sessions. Testing sessions are completed during the same or multiple weeks, depending on client and examiner’s schedules. The feedback session is the final meeting with your examiner where you receive the results of the testing.

As we are a training site, there are options to have your testing completed by both licensed psychologists, as well as psychology trainees that are under the supervision of licensed psychologists. The level of training of the clinician impacts the overall time it takes to complete your assessment, as trainees’ testing is reviewed by licensed psychologists before feedback sessions may be scheduled. Please keep this in mind, if you are pressed for time. Additional information can be found on our FAQ about assessment examiners page.

What is the cost of a comprehensive assessment?
Learning Dynamics provides services at a reduced rate and on a sliding scale. We offer a flat-fee option for our comprehensive psychoeducational and neuropsychological batteries that ranges from $2,900 – $5200, based on household income. Students; individuals who have obtained a degree (e.g., GED, high school diploma, college, graduate) in the past two years; and teachers receive our lowest rate, regardless of family income.

What services are included in the flat-rate?
The hours accounted for include a clinical interview to obtain information on the client’s past and current difficulties and possible contributing factors; selection of a variety of tests based on information client is looking to obtain; consultation with client’s family and professionals (e.g., teachers, physicians), when applicable; administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests; development of a detailed report outlining the results of the testing and providing recommendations on how to address identified areas of concern; and a feedback session to review the report and answer questions.

Why is your fee lower than private practices and higher than university-based centers?
Universities often subsidize the cost of their centers, permitting fees to be reduced so their students can obtain experience. While the costs are low, the waitlist and report turnaround time tend to be very high, at times taking 8-12 months from waitlist to report. Private practices cover all of their costs directly, resulting in higher rates, but a quicker turnaround time. Learning Dynamics has combined the best of both worlds. We combine a private agency model with a doctoral training program and donations from Young thoughtful african american man surrounded by question macommunity members. This allows us to provide quality service at a reduced rate, with a moderate turnaround time. The moderate turnaround time facilitates cases being reviewed in detail by multiple clinicians, to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, HSA (health savings account), and credit card payments are accepted. We are in-network providers for select insurance companies. 

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