Information Processing Assessment Battery

Kids information processing

This customized battery is designed to monitor a person’s basic information processing functions over time. Though this group of tests was created for pediatric oncology, it is also especially helpful and important for people who may have experiences that can significantly change brain functioning. For example, monitoring the effects of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer, athletic concussion, epilepsy, neurological conditions, HIV, etc.

In 90-minutes, this brief but thorough screening battery examines:

  • General intelligence
  • Auditory attention & working memory
  • Visual attention & processing speed
  • Rapid retrieval of well-learned information from long-term memory
  • Rapid verbal output
  • Fine motor coordination & precision
  • Self-regulatory & socio-emotional functions

In addition, this battery provides rich information in understanding a person’s unique profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This includes maintaining adequate ‘mental wakefulness’ or cognitive arousal, initiating and sustaining full attention and effort, balancing performance rate and accuracy while completing tasks quickly, working memory (holding and manipulating information in mind), mental shifting, and applying effective strategy to problem-solving. This knowledge of brain functioning provides great insights into how information processing weaknesses place a person at risk for underachievement while also giving well-informed recommendations for interventions, treatment, and academic accommodations.

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