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high quality and low costPsychological and Educational services in the Los Angeles area can cost $100-$250 per hour. Learning Dynamics provides services at a reduced rate and on a sliding scale; determining fees based on household income.

What Will It Cost Me?
While we do not publish our sliding scale or fee structure in their entirety online, we understand that finances factor into the selection of service providers. Therefore, below you will find information on pricing and payment options that apply across many of our programs, and links to fee structures for specific services.  

Our Pricing Structure
“Levels 1-5” refers to the “level of pricing” that you qualify for, with Level 1 being full-fee, and Level 5 being the lowest discounted rate we offer.


Family SizeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
1$92,851 +

Please call for pricing

$0 - $48,756
2$111,551 +$0 – $58,705
3$130, 251 +$0 - $68,653
4$148,951 +$0 - $78,602
5$167,650 +$0 - $88,550

To find the “level” of service (top) you qualify for at Learning Dynamics, use the number of people in your household (left) and your annual household income as a guide. You can then view our fee structure for services and identify your costs, based on your “level.” If your household income falls in a range that is not posted online, please contact us for assistance.

Please Note: The individuals below qualify for level 5 fees, regardless of household income. Proof of employment/student status must be provided.

College and Graduate Students currently enrolled full-time at a college or university
Individuals who have completed a degree (e.g. high school, junior college, etc.) in the past two years
Teachers (K-12, preschool, and daycare providers)

Insurance & Community Partnerships:
To assist individuals in subsidizing partial or full fees for our services we seek to secure collaborative relationships with insurance companies and community agencies. We will continue to update this list as agencies are added.

Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Shield
Medicare (Part B coverage)
United Behavior Health
Victims of Crime Counseling

Pricing for Specific Services:
Psychological, Psychoeducational, & Neuropsychological Testing
Brain Bootcamp, Counseling, & Therapy
Butterfly Bootcamp
College Connections

Service Providers
In addition to Levels 1-5, some of our programs include a rate structure based on the amount of education and/or experience of the clinician you work with.

  • Licensed/Credentialed Doctoral clinicians have completed bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. They are licensed and/or credentialed to independently (without supervision) provide services.
  • Licensed/Credentialed Master-Level clinicians have completed bachelor and master degrees. They are licensed and/or credentialed to independently (without supervision) provide services.
  • Post-Doctoral trainees have completed their bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. They are in the process of finishing their hours for independent licensure.
  • Pre-Doctoral trainees have completed their bachelor and master degrees. They are in the process of finishing their doctorate degrees.
  • Post-Master’s trainees have completed their bachelor and at least one master’s degree in psychology or related field. They have completed or are  in the process licensing and/or obtaining a second degree at the master’s level.
  • Master’s trainees have completed their bachelor degrees. They are in the process of finishing their master’s degree.

Travel Expenses:

MilesStaff FeeTrainee Fee
0 - 4$50$35
5 -14$75$55
15 - 24$100$70
25 - 35$125$90

We can provide some of our services at off-site locations (e.g. home, school, residential treatment centers), in order to provide congruence with our clients’ schedules and/or desires for privacy. This is an optional service. Services offered on-site in Woodland Hills do not have this expense. These costs are not billable to insurance.

Your travel rate is based on the one-way distance between our Woodland Hills office and destination location. The price is per trip, not per person. Therefore, families wishing to schedule back-to-back sessions are welcome to split the associated travel expenses.

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