Social Butterflies

An Experiential Behavior Group

social butterflies-1Interpersonal, social, life, and safety skills are essential for enhancing a person’s ability to independently function within their community, school, and family. Social Butterflies is a Butterfly Bootcamp service option that helps children and teens increase their knowledge and ability to use positive behaviors in their interaction with others. We empower individuals by developing their ability to confidently engage in behaviors needed to make and maintain positive social, school, and community interactions and fulfilling peer relationships.

This program provides an opportunity for participants to work towards goals from their Butterfly Bootcamp Support Plan in a small peer group environment. With the support of group facilitators, participants attend weekly 75 minute sessions designed to increase their range of positive behaviors, skills, and techniques. 


Group Highlights

  • Families are assigned to groups based on the chronological age, developmental abilities, and social skill set of their child.
  • Groups are available Monday-Saturday, for individuals ages 4-18, and average 4-5 participants.
  • Groups are ongoing, with 1-2 entry points each month.
  • Caregivers (up to two included in cost) attend skills training and support group with their own clinician, at the same time their kids are in session, to facilitate the generalization of children’s learned skills.
  • Caregiver and children groups combine at times, and engage in fieldtrips every 4-6 weeks, to learn and practice skills across settings. social butterflies

Group Content
Session topics are customized to meet the needs, age, and social challenges of the participants. Samples (depending on age) include:

  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Listening and Conversation
  • Recognizing and Expressing Feelings
  • Relaxation and Coping Skills
  • School, Social, and Family Life Balance
  • Safety, Self-Advocacy, and Community Involvement
  • Social Event Etiquette and Conflict Resolution (taking turns, losing, disagreements)
  • Social Challenges (teasing, cyber bullying, rumors & reputations, dating, drugs)                           

social butterflies

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