Arielle Lee, M.A.

Psychology Trainee

Arielle Lee is a doctoral student in clinical psychology currently pursuing her studies at California Baptist University (CBU). She holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology from CBU and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. As part of her doctoral research, she is exploring the correlation between foster care outcomes and the development of antisocial attitudes and behaviors.

With a wealth of experience working across diverse populations in community and forensic mental health settings, Mrs. Lee has provided therapy to individuals, couples, adolescents, adults, and families from various backgrounds. Her expertise extends to addressing issues such as domestic violence, aggressive behaviors, sexual abuse, complex trauma, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, and psychotic disorders. Additionally, she is adept at conducting psychological assessments for adults and children.

Specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, Mrs. Lee has undergone extensive training in trauma-informed care and crisis management. She is an active member of esteemed professional organizations such as the Psychological Association and the Christian Association of Psychological Studies, underlining her commitment to excellence in psychology.


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