Cogmed for Children and Teens

Benefits of Cogmed for Children and Teens
The objective of Cogmed for children and teens is better academic results, particularly in reading comprehension and math. 8 of 10 users who complete Cogmed training show measureable effects. Areas of enhancements include:

Brain BootcampImproved ability to sustain attention
Improved impulse control
Improved social skills
Improved taking initiative
Improved completion of assignments more independently
Better complex reasoning skills
Better academic performance (particularly in reading comprehension and math)

A Complete Program Includes:
Initial Interview & Start-Up Session (Our agency requires this be in-person)
This is the opportunity to meet your Coach, determine if Cogmed is appropriate for you and your family, collaboratively select the structure of your program (number of days/weeks), and set goals. Brief assessment measures are administered to provide a baseline for comparing progress.

Weekly Training (3-5 times each week) with calls from your Coach (1 each week)
Training can be completed at home on a computer or tablet (Android or iPad). Weekly calls with your coach provide you with feedback and strategies to monitor performance and help support program success.

Access to the Cogmed Training Web provides participants with online access to their own training results and progress status.

Wrap-up Session (Our agency requires this be in-person)
Discuss your post-program experiences and review comparison of pre- and post-program measures to examine the impact of Intelligent boy good at schooltraining.

Six Month Follow-Up Interview (phone)
Check-in to discuss progress that has been maintained since completing the program.

Cogmed Extension Training allows participants to further sharpen the acquired capacity and verify how the results hold over time. This optional training provides 12 months access to 100 (15-minute) sessions.

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