New Trainees Means More Quality Services

new trainees means more quality services

LDInc is resuming their training program with the addition of 3 master- and doctoral- level trainees this fall. New trainees means more quality services at further reduced rates!

The average cost of a therapy session is around $100. With our trainees, our rates start as low $40. Some may question if this means the quality of services is lower. What many do no realize is that all trainees are carefully supervised by our licensed clinicians. This means 2 professionals for the price of 1! LDInc has a very “hands on” approach with our trainees. This helps maintain our high standards of quality care. In addition, supervisors are readily available to all our clients.

Through our training program, we are helping shape the next generation of helping professionals. In doing so, we can increase the number of competent clinicians available to our communities. To visit our pricing click here . To visit our website and learn about our different services click here . For our blog with free community resources click here .

New trainees means more quality services!

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