Who Knew I’d be Blue? New Peripartum Support Group

“Who knew I’d be blue?” is our new support group for moms. Peripartum (the period during and after pregnancy) can be a challenging time as women adjust to life as a mom. There are many physical, emotional, and environmental changes you face! Motherhood can be a wonderful and exciting venture, but is also challenging. Many women are surprised by feeling blue.

Did you know that 70-80% of women experience the “baby blues?” Moreover, 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression. As such, we are now forming a support group for pregnant and postpartum moms!

Join other moms on a journey of:

  • Support and self-care
  • Learning how to manage anxiety and depression that happens during pregnancy or after childbirth
  • Navigating life as a new mom
  • Dealing with the impact of pregnancy and new baby on yourself and your relationships
  • Strengthening and re-establishing your sense of self

Groups are forming now to start in January 2020. To learn more and/or to sign-up contact (310) 855-3276 or info@learningdynamicsinc.org

pregnant support group

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