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As a graduate student, Dr. Nicole Brown served as a trainee in multiple settings including community health centers, hospitals, and private practice. While working with “haves” and the “have nots” she found one thing that remained consistent – her own family would likely be unable to receive services in many of these settings. Her family would either over-qualify (make too much money to get reduced fees) or the prices for service were so high that she would have to forgo paying an bill, or take out a loan to afford the service. In many ways, she felt that the process of getting help to reduce stress, actually added to it.

Nationally, the increase in economic challenges have brought about increased family and relationship distress. Dr. Brown believed that while stress is universal, an individual’s therapeutic interventions should be customized in a manner that holds the client’s personal experiences in high regard. She believed in the benefits of mental health and educational services, and had a vision for quality mental health services that could be made accessible to the community.

She resolved to “be the change [she] wished to see in the world,” (Ghandi) and decided to create a organization that educated and empowered individuals to strengthen their families and relationships. She proposed that the goal of the organization would be to equip its clients to teach others what they have learned in order to strengthen communities.

With the support of her family, friends and colleagues Learning Dynamics, Inc. attained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in March 2009. Dr. Brown and the founding Board of Directors spent the next two years continuing to develop the organization in core areas that she felt were essential to the mission, including culturally-responsive techniques (celebrating uniqueness) and evidenced-based interventions (doing what works). In January 2011, Learning Dynamics began offering services to the greater Los Angeles communities!

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