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socialskillsgroup2Positive behavior and interpersonal skills are essential for building relationships that enhance a person’s ability to independently function within their community, school, and family. Peer Connections is a College Connections service option that helps young adults gain comfort and confidence in social, residential, educational, and community situations. We empower individuals by developing their ability to engage in behaviors needed to make and maintain positive and fulfilling peer, personal, and professional relationships.

This program provides an opportunity for participants to work towards goals from their College Connections Support Plans in a small peer group environment. With the support of group facilitators, participants attend weekly 90-minute sessions designed to increase their range of social interaction skills and techniques. Every 4-6 weeks, fieldtrips in the community provide the opportunity to learn and practice across settings.

Group Contentsocialskillsgroup1
While Peer Connections content is customized to meet the needs of the participants, session topics include:

  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Listening and Conversation Recognizing and Expressing Feelings
  • Relaxation and Coping Skills
  • Social Event Etiquette Conflict Resolution
  • Class, Social, and Family Life Balance
  • Safety, Self-Advocacy, and Community Involvement
  • Social Challenges (cyber bullying, rumors & reputations, dating, drugs)

Beginning in 2015, members of participants’ primary support system will receive monthly skills training and support opportunities, to facilitate the generalization of participants’ adaptive behaviors to non-therapeutic environments.

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