Balancing Love and Discipline: Skills Training for Primary Caregivers of Elementary and Middle School Children

This 9-week (18-hour) parent education course is designed to provide support and assistance to primary caregivers of elementary and middle school children in a variety of areas.

Session Topics Include:
Effective Communication
Family Communication
Boundary and Limit Setting
Consequences that Work
Positive Family Interactions
Co-Parenting and Family Dynamics
Stress and Conflict Management
Self-Care for Parents

Caregivers receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.  Additionally, a skills training class for children is offered during the same day and time to help families work together to make positive changes!

($10-$20 per hour for TWO PEOPLE)
$180—$360 without child
$270—$450 with child

Price includes up to two primary caregivers

***Weeknight and Saturday classes available****

Please contact us for more information or to register.

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