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Comprehensive Assessment Pricing

Depending on the amount of testing desired/needed, the average cost for comprehensive testing in our area ranges from $4,000-$7,000. Learning Dynamics provides comprehensive assessments that are inclusive of all fees for $4,500.

While this is an excellent rate, families may also elect to utilize their private insurance or our sliding scale (below) to further subsidize the cost, as applicable.

LevelExecutive DirectorLicensed Psychologist & Executive TeamPost-Doctoral
Pre-Doctoral Intern & Advanced MA/MS InternDoctoral Practicum & MA/MS Intern
2-4 Please call for pricing

Assessments completed by our Executive Director are offered on a sliding scale. Comprehensive assessments are provided a flat rate that ranges from $3,700-$4,500. A variety of other assessment services are offered at hourly rates ranging from $175-$225.

Additional information about this service can be found on our Testing and Assessment Services page.

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