As helping professionals we receive extensive training and guidance on refining our skills to help others. Unfortunately, the development of our ability to attend to our own well-being is not often an integral part of our formal training.


college connections info 1Between school, practicum/internship, peer relationship dynamics (e.g. cohort, practicum/intern), and maintaining relationships with family and friends that have not experienced mental health graduate school; the demands we face are countless. Balancing the many personalities, technicalities, and expectations required can be overwhelming at times. This group provides future licensed helping professionals with the unique opportunity to explore personal issues, share common concerns, learn new skills, and encourage one another other through this exciting (and stressful) phase of life.

Session topics vary based on the interests and experiences of the participants. Sample topics include:

  • Self-care, balance, and burnout prevention
  • Impact of being a therapist on social/intimate relationships
  • Supervisor and peer/colleague relationships
  • Managing different learning styles in grad school
  • Practicum, internship, and licensure processes
  • Dissertation and thesis
  • Counter-transference: the good, the bad, and the confusing
  • Career development strategies

Insurance accepted. Non-insurance discounted rate $40, with proof of student/pre-licensure status required. Please call with questions or to learn about the possibility of joining this group.

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