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Communication Activity: Butterfly Catching Game

Building communication skills in children is a goal that many parents share.  Finding ways to enhance these skills that our children find fun and engaging can be a challenge.  Here is a game that can be created with a few school/office supplies and some creativity.  We often play this game with children in our Social Skills Training program to expand their conversation abilities.

Materials Neededbutterfly supplies
1 Butterfly Catching Pieces Sheet
1 sheet (8×11) of cardstock
Colorful photos (e.g. from magazines, stickers)
Clear packing tape

Glue Stick

Optional Materials for a more interactive game

Adhesive magnets, paperclips, or metal brads (positive)
Magnetic fishing rod (negative) – You can find these at your local dollar store or online at Lillian Vernon or 

Directions to Create Game

Directions to Play Butterfly Catching Communication Game


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