If you follow LDInc on social media you might have noticed our inclusion of #HEAL on every post after our agency hashtag (#LDInc). Here’s a little insight into its meaning- #HEAL is an acronym for Hope, Empower, Achieve, and Learn- pillars of our agency’s mission and values.

Our agency aims to instill and encourage hope in everyone we serve. We strongly believe that hope is instrumental to the work we do. We want to inspire our clients to maintain hope in all situations- hope that they can instill change; hope that they can be, do, and feel better; and hope that they can reach their goals.

We want to empower each and every person who walks through our doors. Empowerment means that each person believes that they have the competency, capability, and strength to enact the necessary changes to improve the themselves and their relationships.

Success for us, is helping our clients to achieve the goals they set for themselves. As much as someone may want to reach their goals, we know there are times when their energy may be limited. We partner with our clients; working tirelessly to match their efforts, and provide them with emotional and tangible resources, to help them meet and exceed the goals they set for themselves.

Learning is a never-ending journey, that is energized through the sharing of knowledge between our staff, clients, and community members. As an agency, we strive to continue learning and developing, as individuals and as a team. Our aim is to continuously seek out knowledge, resources, and strategies to strengthen our ability to effectively serve others. We use this as a tool to promote the well-being of others and disseminate helpful information throughout the community.

It is our “HOPE” that we are able to “EMPOWER” others to “ACHIEVE” their goals when they “LEARN” new ways of thinking and doing, that are personally meaningful and culturally-harmonious.

We are faithful that the confidence gained will inspire them to share their talents and skills with others, so one day we are all able to #HEAL.


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