Dyslexia Testing: Learning Disability Assessment

dyslexia testing, school accomodations

Does your child have trouble reading and spelling? Do you worry it makes school harder for them? Have you wondered if they need dyslexia testing or may have another learning disability?learning disability assessment

Assessment services are available in our Central (Bakersfield) and Southern  (Woodland Hills) California offices. Testing can tell you if a learning disability is present. More importantly, we focus on your child’s strengths and weakness, when it comes to learning. Besides finding out if a disability is present, we provide you with information on how your child learns. In addition, we give you recommendations on ways you can help your child succeed in school and at home.

Call now to schedule your assessment, and put your student on the path for a better tomorrow. 

For more information on our approach to dyslexia testing, GO HERE

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