Free Virtual Therapy

We are thankful for every gift we receive and family we can serve. With the generosity of our donors, we are honored and blessed to be able to provide 10 families with 15 hours of FREE virtual therapy, with their choice of our graduate trainees. Erin, Wesley, and Mariela’s bios can be reviewed on Our Clinicians page. That is almost 4 months of FREE therapy. Based on research, many people report achieving their goals in this amount of time and experiencing a reduction in symptoms much sooner. If anyone would like to continue after their free sessions end, they will receive a reduced rate of $15 per session.

The holidays can be a joyful time for some, and a challenging season for others. If you are feeling in the holiday spirit, please collaborate with us and share this cheer with others in need. Information on these free virtual therapy services can be found on the Virtual Sessions page of our website. Contact our office to schedule an appointment, and let us know you want the HOLIDAY SPECIAL!

Wishing you peace and health this holiday season,
Learning Dynamics

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