Paripartum Counseling

Paripartum Counseling can help with stress, depression, and anxiety experienced during or after pregnancy. No matter how excited parents may be about the birth of a child, emotional and physical stress can occur during and following pregnancy. Often these women feel lonely while those around them expect them to be joyous. They often express feeling uncomfortable, overwhelmed, irritated or tired. During pregnancy past or current issues can become immediate concerns. Some examples of issues include family or partner relationships, friendships, finances, body image, having a child with a disability, loss of a child, anxiety and/or depression.

If you or someone you know may want support and strategies to help manage any stress, anxiety, or sadness they are experiencing during pregnancy or after giving birth, we are here to help. Call to schedule a paripartum counseling appointment or visit our Prenatal and Pospartum Support Services page to learn more.

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