virtual therapy

Attend individual, couple, and family sessions from your home. With our telehealth service, you can maintain stay-at-home orders and get the help your family needs.

SISC Members

free therapy sisc members

In support of our Kern County K-12 educators, we are offering FREE therapy for SISC members now through July 1, 2020.


Free counseling services for TriWest members. Contact TriWest or your VA for authorization.

Couple Counseling

Provide couples with tools to strengthen their relationship and overcome challenges, so both partners feel satisfied.

Paripartum Counseling

Provide support and strategies to manage any stress, anxiety, or sadness that women experience during pregnancy and after giving birth.


Thought our blog, it is our “HOPE” that we are able to “EMPOWER” others to “ACHIEVE” their goals when they “LEARN” new ways of thinking and doing, that are personally meaningful.

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