Butterfly Bootcamp Pricing

Recent support is permitting us to reduce our rates for these services! We will be posting updated rates shortly. In the meantime, you can call for pricing for these services.

The following is our pricing structure for Butterfly Bootcamp program. Additional information about this service can be found on our Butterfly Bootcamp page.

Our agency offers a variety of assessment services. The initial assessment required for participants of our Butterfly Bootcamp program, is the behavioral assessment. This assessment includes formalized measures and observations of behaviors across settings in order to customize a Butterfly Bootcamp Support Plan. The plan includes attainable goals and baseline information in one or more of our program’s primary focus areas: Education and Occupation, Health and Life Skills, and Interpersonal Relationships.

butterfly bootcampComprehensive evaluations are different than our behavioral assessments. While there are a variety of reasons that individuals seek our comprehensive evaluation services, they are often conducted to clarify diagnoses, assist in treatment planning, and/or to examine if the difficulties someone is experiencing warrant educational or occupational accommodations. Comprehensive assessments are not part of our Butterfly Bootcamp program. However, we understand that there are situations that families’ may experience that require both types of assessments be conducted. As a result, we have developed a pricing scale that provides a substantial discount for families in this situation; making this combination of assessments more financially attainable.

Based on the results of an individual’s behavior assessment, one-on-one (Mentor) or small group (Social Butterflies) interventions may be recommended to assist the child/teen in attaining their Behavior Support Plan goals. Butterfly Connections Program fees are paid monthly, in advance, for families that privately pay for services. While the program goals are typically designed for 6-month increments, the program commitment is month-to-month. We do accept insurance. More information on this can be found on our general pricing page, or by contacting our office.

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